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Why Invest in WRE?

Inspired by the idea that empowered women can transform a community, we’re calling on the partners and passionate people we know to help us answer the call to courage. Collaborating with industry partners and showcase that community is essential in business will aide in the success and growth of entrepreneurs.


Intentionally designed with different event experiences, this summit is a great opportunity to get your service or product in front of today’s leading female change makers, notables and influencers.


Support Women CEOs

We Rise Experience is a community that is solely dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. By partnering with us, you are showing your support for this cause and helping to create a better future for women in business.


Network & Exposure

As a partner of We Rise Experience, you will gain access to our growing network of women entrepreneurs, mentors, and contributors. This can provide you with new opportunities for collaboration, increased exposure for your brand, and access to valuable resources that can aid in your business grow.


Impactful Social Change

Partnering with We Rise Experience means that you are contributing to a larger movement that seeks to empower women entrepreneurs and break down the gender barriers that exists within the world of business. By being a part of this change, you are making a positive impact on society and creating a more inclusive future for all.

Thank You to our
2024 Sponsors

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Make a donation that will allow us to run our programs & services to empower women in our community. Please email for more details.

Charitable donations will be issued upon receipt for specific increments over a certain value.

Become a Sponsor

Our summit and some of our year-round events offer sponsorship opportunities for those interested in supporting our cause and gaining a little exposure for their business or company.  Fill out the application form below or email us at for more information.


Thank you for your application, we will be in touch shortly!

I am so grateful for you. God blessed with a real one in my life. I asked for a female mentor that was within close proximity. Someone I could learn and grow from and with Treasa watching you lead and move through the room yesterday was exceptional. Getting a glimpse into you building this event out over the last year showed me how dedicated, hard working and exquisite you are. Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor. Thank you for giving me a seat at the table literally and figuratively. You are a representation of what sisterhood in business looks like. Love ya. 
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