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Treasa Leigh Brown is the founder of the award-winning Leigh Event Group and We Rise Experience™. A strong believer in the power of community, Treasa created We Rise Experience™ with the intention to unify passionate and inspired women to help each other succeed in their careers and businesses.


As a woman and founder, Treasa knows first-hand what it takes to work relentlessly and follow her dreams. Starting with only $500, no bank loan and limited resources to leverage, Treasa successfully created and launched Leigh Event Group, her primary business that focuses on corporate event management, production and design. After running Leigh Event Group solo for over a decade, she saw that she was missing the support of like-minded women in her life, always looking to lean on a collective of women who could help inspire, motivate and champion her. She found it difficult to find resources like funding and workshops to help women grow in their careers. After hours of searching with no answers in sight, Treasa took it upon herself to create a space where women could access the resources that she once needed but couldn’t find. That’s when We Rise Experience™ was born.


We Rise Experience™ is an organic extension of Treasa’s personal vision. By starting WRE™, Treasa created an accessible place where every woman can be reminded that opportunities and resources are available and abundant. Committed to seeing every woman in her community thrive, Treasa has created her own scholarship and internship programs so that she could have a direct hand in making dreams a reality.  

Meet The Founder
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