treasa l. brown  

 Meet  The Founder 


Treasa Leigh Brown is the Founder & Creative Director of award-winning Leigh Event Group and We Rise Experience™. She’s a mother, mentor, business leader, cancer survivor and philanthropist with a mission that far exceeds any of these titles. A changemaker at heart, Treasa harnesses her innermost strengths to make a real impact in her community. Every milestone in her life is a step forward to empowering her purpose of bringing women together, amplifying their voices and opening new doors.


The woman you see today is one that knows struggle and sacrifice first hand. As a teenage mother, she was committed to raising her son and fulfilling her own dreams with equal force and determination. A graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber, Treasa earned a Bachelor of Commerce and began a career in Accounting before she stepped into her entrepreneurial journey. 


In 2010, Treasa bootstrapped her business and launched Leigh Event Group. Entering the industry first as a Wedding Planner, she quickly shifted gears into corporate event management, production and design. Her bold and dynamic character allowed her to achieve unprecedented success and build a reputation of excellence in a very short period of time. Owing to her strength in numbers, Treasa was able to propel her businesses forward, while providing incredible value to her clients at the same time.


Knowing her worth at every stage of her career, Treasa never took no for an answer. Any rejection made her that much more resilient and gave her the fuel to rise above any roadblock that came her way. However, as she moved through her personal and professional life, she struggled to find the mentorship and support she needed. After a decade of leading events across the globe, she realized how much she still needed this support and how many other women probably needed it too. Her decision to launch We Rise Experience™ was entirely driven by something she believed was missing in her world. 


Striking the perfect balance of heart and hustle, We Rise Experience™ is the true extension of Treasa’s personal mission of bringing like-minded women together to share their stories and be supported unconditionally. More notably, she wanted to create an accessible and inviting place where every woman could walk in, feel inspired and be reminded that opportunities and resources are available to her. Committed to seeing every woman in her community thrive, Treasa even created her own scholarship and internship programs so that she could have a direct hand in making dreams a reality. She is also personally dedicated to helping teenage moms in need and actively involved in supporting homeless shelters across Toronto. 


Treasa’s commitment to herself and her own success is deeply connected to helping other aspiring changemakers. Her invaluable knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset combined with her genuine and creative approach gives her the platform to inspire women and help them rise against all odds.